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  • Basket crane truck
  • Basket crane truck
  • Basket crane truck
Basket crane truck Basket crane truck Basket crane truck

Basket crane truck

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  • Basket lift truck
  • Product description: ISUZU truck chassis; Maximum operation height 18 meter; Working radium 7.5 meter; Maximum lift weight 1000 KGS; All hydraulic operation

Our crane basket crane mounted on ISUZU truck, two line cab, total 5 seats. Engine NO. 4KH1CN5HS, 140 hp, Euro V emission standard, maximum working height 18 meter, 3 arms foldable, could operated in basket or cab; free rotate 360 degree; 4 hydraulic column to support whole body. Every column could be independent adjustable. This equipment is Equipped with insulation device , stable and reliable in performance . This model boom lift is suit for municipal construction,aloft work,rush repair,gardens shave,etc

Truck item QL1070A5KWY
G.V.W(Kg) 6810
dimension(mm) 8380×2320×3500
wheel base(mm) 3815
curb weight(Kg) 6485
axle No. 2
Cab seats 2+3(人)
Front suspension/rear suspension(mm) 1015/2450
approach angle/departure angle 24/9(°)
axle load front /rear (Kg) 2090/4720
Engine 4KH1CN5HS
Truck brand: ISUZU
Truck engine power  100KW
Engine displacement 2999ml
Emission standard Euro  GB17691-2005Ⅴ,GB3847-2005
Basket crane features
Control system
Control hydraulic system used Eton hydraulic components. Valve are made in Denmark. Seal and other rubber products are made in Japan. Hydraulic cylinder and lock system are world famous brand.
Safety system
All the lift arm used high strength T beam steel. Strong and durable. All the arms with double lock safety system.  All the control valve with safety lock system. Engine stop, all the function is locked and stay firm for engine auto restart.
Height reach 18 meter
Turning radium of hydraulic lifting mechanism 360°, unlimited
load capacity of hydraulic lifting mechanism  200KG
crane lift weight 1ton, 1000KGS
hydraulic stands  4 hydraulic stander.
operation mode; operation in cab and basket;
working radium 7.5 meter
maximum lift of 1 ton  8.3 meter;
Electric isolation , 1000 voltage.
LED light for night working.




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