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  • Pothole Patcher DPP-4000
  • Pothole Patcher DPP-4000
Pothole Patcher DPP-4000Pothole Patcher DPP-4000

Pothole Patcher DPP-4000

  • Pothole filler
  • Fast road patcher
  • Emergency road patcher
  • Aggregates distributor
  • Product description: ISUZU truck G.V.W 16 tons; 1000 L emulsion bitumen tank; 4.5 cube meter aggregate hopper; Air blow to delivery aggregate and bitumen; Fast patching pothole in 5 minutes;
pothole patchers DPP-4000 produce longer-lasting spray injection pothole patches and road repairs, faster, safer and more economically any time of year. DPP-4000 pothole patchers are the most versatile tools for road maintenance on the market today. One pothole patcher can do everything including cleaning the surface to be patched, spraying tack coat onto the surface, combining aggregate and hot asphalt to fill and repair, and finishing the job with a final dust coat of aggregate. By using DPP-4000 pothole patcher, you can fix a one-square-meter pothole in 5 minutes with only one operator.
DPP-4000, repairing of pot-holes, edge deterioration, cracking etc and regulating low areas of paved roads. The maintenance operation shall be done by removing all dust, debris and moisture from a defected area, sealing the defect using cold applied bitumen emulsion spraying through a delivery hose, aggregate/cold bitumen emulsion mix and filling the defect to the required level. The machine could be manually operated from self contained vehicle. The vehicle could carry all equipment and materials required to undertake the operation including signing to comply with carrying out mobile works in a rural and urban environment. The vehicle could incorporate safety including a rear mounted delivery system.
1. Safety Design
* With two strobe lights and an arrow board at the rear of the equipment, it increases job site visibilities and lends safety to the patching operation.
* Pressure safety valves fixed on air compressor, blower, emulsified asphalt tank and flushing tank to ensure a safer environment.
2. User-friendly: Due to adjustable boom, centralized control handle with spray radius scope of 5.5 meters greatly reduces the operator labor intensity.
3. Quality engine: Cummins diesel engine is employed to ensure high efficiency and low level of noise and air pollution.
4. Clog-proof system: Gravity feed with hopper vibration system along with venturi effect passes 10 cm rock through the aggregate pipe, eliminating the clogging troubles.
5. Unique pressure feedback system, effectively prevent aggregate pipeline clogging.
6. Compressed air driving aggregate transfer emulsion coating system, no mechanical or moving parts to break or wear and is easily accessible for cleaning and servicing of the slide gate and sub-systems.
7. Wide applications: Pothole, alligator crack, rut, and broken road shoulder on asphalt and concrete roads.
8. Fast repair: With 70 kg/minute material discharging speed, it only takes 5 minutes to patch a one-square-meter pothole, and repair over 200 potholes of different sizes in a working day.
9. Good result: It has been proven that 97% of the patched potholes can serve over 5 years.
10. Low maintenance: No more than 5 minutes is required to maintain the equipment with 1 liter of diesel to flush the emulsified asphalt hose and spray nozzle.
11. Cleaning: There is two stage cleaning system to clean the emulsion lines, the inline filter and the spray nozzle.
Cleaning solution vessel have a capacity of 20 liters and fitted with a pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, filter and have a suitable filling port Machine has water flush feature allowing dirt and dust blockages to be removed easily.
12. Plate compactor: Plate compactor having operating weight 104 kg for use in compacting aggregate mix. in narrow trenches and confined areas.
Engine: Robin 4 cycle gasoline engine,  3.8 kw power, Frequency: 100Hz Centrifugal force: Centrifugal force 17KN at full speed. Vibrating plate: Length 500mm, Width 585mm.
13. Accessories:
a) Fuel level gauge ;
b) Engine oil level gauge ;
c) Engine temperature indicator ;
d) Hydraulic oil level gauge ;
e) Standard tool , kits with tool box.
14. Other Controls and indicators
a) High capacity head light & back light for clear Vision during work at night.
b) Front and rear indicator light with alarm system.
c) Heavy duty horn.
15. Truck/ Chassis Features
Truck brand, ISUZU, FVR, item QL 1160WAFRY, Engine No. 6HK1-TCN.
Steering: Power assisted steering, adjustable Steering column with right hand drive.
Suspension: Front 1335, Rear 2425
Fuel tank capacity :200 Liters
Pay Load: 11000 kgs.
Gross Vehicle Weight: 16,000 kgs.
Wheels & Tires: Manufactures standard Rim with heavy duty Radial tires suitable for on-road and off road use (Brand and country of origin of tyre: Chengshan, China, 10/R20). Number of Wheels: 06 nos.
Brake system:
a) Front: Hydraulic oil brake.
b) Rear: Hydraulic oil brake.

c) Parking: Hydraulic oil brake.



Pothole patcher DPP-4000

Aggregate bin

4. 5 m³

Emulsified Asphalt tank

1400 L


8300×2465×2950 mm

Chassis truck





Output volume/power


Number of axles


Suspension (front / back)

1335/2425 mm

Axis distance

4700 mm

Number of tyre


Tyre size


Power system


Cummins ISDe200-30, 147KW, 2700rpm Euro III

Fuel tank

200 L


PEDRO GIL Made in Spain EU,

Rated power

200hp, 1500r/min

Blowing rate

15~60.29 m³/min


maxiumum operating back pressure of 15PSI

Air compressor    Cummins USA brand made in USA China joint venture.

Pressure range

Minimum 16 cfm of air at minimum 140 psi

Air flow

0.183m³/min (2150r/min)

Gas tank


Safety valve pressure


Washing tank



Working pressure



Aggregate hose

Internal diameter Φ89mm, seamless, wear-resisting CR hose

Emulsified asphalt hose

1/2 inches

Fuel hose

3/8 inches

Washing hose

3/8 inches

Heat transfer oil hose

3/8 inches

Spray nozzle




Internal diameter of pipe Φ89m perforated pipe

Suspension arm of ejection hose

Working radius


Control handle

Central control on emulsified asphalt delivery, engine speed, aggregate delivery, vibrator and horn.

Joint number

3, operation with no fatigue

Recycle system of heat transfer oil

Recycle pump



Ensure emulsified asphalt temperature 60±5°C

Patching Procedure




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