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Asphalt distributor

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  • Product description: Asphalt distributor, asphalt transportation truck, asphalt pump truck, asphalt pump station; asphalt application truck, asphalt spraying truck,asphalt sparking truck; Bitumen distributor, bitumen tra


PLC control Asphalt Distributor


Intelligent Asphalt Distributor is a special machine for construction on asphalt pavement which can be used for transportation and spraying of high-temperature liquid asphalt and emulsified asphalt. Our intelligent asphalt distributor consists of ISUZU chassis, special asphalt tank and heat system, lifting device of rear nozzle jet and washing device, control system and asphalt spraying system and others which is compact, convenient, reliable and stable.

Working Principle

Asphalt tank around uses aluminum silicate material for heat insulation that has good thermal insulation properties so that it don’t need to heat up in general condition. Front platform is equipped with hydraulic oil tank and hydraulic station. The access hole and high efficient burner are set in the middle part. The burn can heat up asphalt oil and heat transfer oil simultaneously, and use heat transfer oil to preheat, preserve temperature and prevent low temperature of asphalt that influences the construction quality. Back platform is equipped with asphalt pump, asphalt pipeline, heat transfer oil pump, heat transfer oil pipeline, distribution pipe, control cabinet and lifting device, protective guard and others. Spraying nozzle applies cylinder that is individually controlled by cabinet. Temperature preservation system of Heat transfer oil has temperature preserving and heating effect on asphalt pump and pipeline. Before spraying, use heat transfer oil to circulate in asphalt pump and pipeline, heating up clotted asphalt to ensure instant spraying.

This vehicle type can intellectually control the asphalt spraying ration that just enter the required ration, Intelligent system can adjust output ration according to vehicle speed to meet different need of clients. Meanwhile, control the switch of nozzle to achieve adjusting spraying swath. In construction, asphalt is pumped out, goes through asphalt pipeline and sprayed on working pavement. Asphalt pump is powered by hydraulic motor which is adjusted by proportional valve to control speed to achieve the purpose of adjusting spraying quantity. All important parts of asphalt pump and pipeline are connected to high pressure air and diesel washing device for machine washing after construction to avoid asphalt blocking. This equipment is suitable for building, repairing, maintenance and other construction of pavement.


1. Spray asphalt as soon as vehicle drive.

2. Speed measuring radar is set on drive shaft of chassis and asphalt pump to monitor speed of driving and pump and adjust automatically to control spraying ration without effect on driving speed.

3. By computer, all kinds of operation can be done in cabin that relieve labor intensity and save cost.  

4. Spraying width is automatically adjusted. Each spraying nozzle controls itself and can be adjusted and combined at will for different spraying width and ration.

5. Heat transfer oil achieves the heating and temperature preservation of asphalt tank, pump, pipeline and nozzle to ensure asphalt spraying.

6. Whole tank and pipeline can be heated up independently in different areas for energy conservation.

7. Control system applies modularization. Control panel has back-up system to ensure consecutive automatic spraying.

8. Equipped with handheld lance to conduct local spraying on corner or special part.

9. Imported temperature preservation pump.

10. Large dimension of touch screen. all the control by touch finger;

11. suitable for RIGHT HAND DRIVE CAB.

12. PLC automatically pump the asphalt in the tank, automatic discharge asphalt in barrel.

13. PLC automatically diesel clean the nozzle and valve;

14. PLC automatically pressure air to clean the nozzle and valve;

15. 2000 hours smoothly running without problem.



DPA-6000 Intelligent Asphalt Distributor


QL 5190G




7400*2285*2590 mm

Output volume

7.8 L

Cab capacity

3 people

Max. power

221 KW

Total weight

19000 kg

Maximum torque

1080/1400-1800 N·m/r/min

Pay load

12000 kg

Engine fuel tank

200 L 

Curb mass

7000 kg

Burner fuel tank

100 L

Axle Load

Hydraulic oil tank

120 L

Front axle (full)

6000 kg

Power take-off

SDQ24/58 PQ1


ZHEXI Machinery  SZ125

Rear axle (full)

 13000 kg

Asphalt pump


Wheel base

4500 mm

Asphalt pump displacement

680 Lmin

Wheel track front/ rear

1831/1640 mm

Control system

Siemens  SZ-07-01

Minimum ground clearance

250 mm

Auxiliary Diese engine 

Perkins 12KW

Front/ Rear overhang

1180/2420 mm

Burner 2 unit


200000 Kal/h

Approach angle / Departure angle


Hydraulic oil system


Maximum speed

95 km/h

Hydraulic motor


Maximum gradeability


Asphalt tank

6000 L


10R20, 18PR

Nozzle number


Tire pressure front/ rear


Spraying width

4 m

Main transmission ratio


Spray volume

0.253 L/

Minimum turning circle diameter

16 m

Air compressor displacement

0.25 m³/min

Emission standard



Lifting cylinder


1 year quality warranty.

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