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  • Combined Jetting and Sewage truck
  • Combined Jetting and Sewage truck
  • Combined Jetting and Sewage truck
Combined Jetting and Sewage truckCombined Jetting and Sewage truckCombined Jetting and Sewage truck

Combined Jetting and Sewage truck

  • Jetting vehicle
  • pipe clean vehicle
  • pipe washing vehicle
  • waste water collect truck
  • Product description: Combined Sewage water suction and pipe jetting vehicle; Jetting water tank 2-4 cube meter, stainless steel material; 100 meter reflex jetting hose; 4 different jetting nozzle; Sewage water tank 2-


high pressure sewer jetting truck works by flushing and thrusting actions of high pressurized water which is transmitted to the clogged sewer line with a high pressure water hose and a sewer jetting nozzle. Destroying with high pressured water jet, remaining waste material is either naturally eliminated by sewer flow or carried to the manhole opening for collecting with a vacuum loader (suction truck). All its duty is keeping municipal sewers, sanitary and storm sewer lines, laterals, and drainage lines clean and frees flowing.

Being equipped with best world class ISUZU chassis and powerful diesel engine and Italy pressure pump ,our machine runs on site with high pressure and large output and long time continuous working performance, which make it the best choice for 150mm-1600mm pipeline.

Areas of Application and Use

1.Hydrodynamic sewer and pipeline cleaning of diameters from 150 to 1100 mm.

2. Hydrodynamic drain line cleaning.

3. High pressure surface cleaning.

4. High pressure industrial cleaning.


water tank,

material: high quality carbon steel;

Tank volume: 5000 liter;

Thickness of tank wall: 3mm;

High pressure pump

type: plunger pump

manufacturer: Speck (Germany)

model: P76/215-200GU

flow rate 215liter/min

pressure: 20 Mpa

power: 82.5 Kw

rotation speed 1800rpm

driver by PTO

pump protection: low level protection(1000L)

meshing control: pneumatic;

- Crankcase of solid spheroid-cast-iron ensures stability and vibration dampening. - Low pulsation design.
- Solid ceramic plunger (not steel coated plunger).
- Low friction design for less temp..

- Valve case designed in Nickel plated spheroid-cast-iron for long term stability. - Crankshaft, bearings, connection rods all run in oil.
- Valves designed in Duplex-Steel.
- All gaskets in seal sleeves to ensure precise centering and easy replacement. - Crankshaft dropped forged and case-hardened.

- Available with integrated oil cooling system when continuous operation. - Designed in order that offered parameters ensured.

Jetting hose

diameter: DN25 mm

pressure: 20 Mpa

length: 100 meter in one piece;

Hose reel

rotation 160 degree horizontal;

electric hydraulic control by manual;


elliptical  nozzle 2 set;

diamond shape nozzle 1 set;

grenade nozzle 1 set;

control system, manual electrical control.

Truck/ Chassis Features

Truck brand, ISUZU, 600P, item QL 1100, Engine No. 4HK1-TCN. 4x2

Steering: Power assisted steering, adjustable Steering column with right hand drive.


Fuel tank capacity :140 Liters

Pay Load: 5000 kgs.

Gross Vehicle Weight: 8,000 kgs.

Wheels & Tires: Manufactures standard Rim with heavy duty Radial tires suitable for on-road and off road use (Brand and country of origin of tyre: Chengshan, China, 235/75 R17.5). Number of Wheels: 06 nos.

Brake system:

a) Front: hydraulic oil brake.

b) Rear: hydraulic oil brake.

c) Parking: hydraulic oil brake.

Overall Dimension: 7400x2465x3010 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight: 8000 kg

Curb Weight: 3000 kg

Loading Weight:5000 Kg

Wheel Base: 4175 mm

Engine: 4HK1CN5H  diesel engine

Engine Kilo Watts:96/2600round (125hp)

Displacement: 3000 cc

Max Driving Speed: 100 km/h

Gear Box: Manual Transmission, 6 gear position

Euro 4 emission standard.


ISUZU 600P, QL1100


4175 mm




96KW 125hp


GB17691-2005 Euro IV

Fuel type




Gross weight

8000 KG

High pressure pump

Imported plunger pump

Pump medel


Flow capacity


Max. pressure


Water tank volume

5000 L

High pressure hose


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