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  • Asphalt Melter DPT-7
  • Asphalt Melter DPT-7
Asphalt Melter DPT-7Asphalt Melter DPT-7

Asphalt Melter DPT-7

Principle: heat the drummed asphalt for certain temperature, so that the asphalt can be out of the drum. Keep heating the asphalt till it becomes liquid. The empty drums will transfer out by this equipment.
Included system
1.Heating system. The diesel burner to heat oil then to heat the whole machine;
2.Heat transfer oil circles system; They pump will circle the heat transfer oil into melting room, asphalt pump, asphalt storing pool.
3.Hang system. They hoist will hang the asphalt drum to melting room.
4.Hydraulic system. Electric motor to drive hydraulic pump, with the hydraulic cylinder to push the asphalt drum into the melting room. Also the hydraulic system will push the empty asphalt drum out.
5.Automatic temperature control system. All the heating system is control by PLC system, when the temperature is arrived, they system will cut off the power to protect the machine.
6.Hot asphalt storing tank. This equipments include a 12 CBM asphalt tank inside. This tank contain all the high temperature melting asphalt. with asphalt pump, the melting asphalt circle flow in the tank. When the asphalt tank is full, it will alert the people to pump asphalt out.
7.With asphalt pump system. It can pump the asphalt out from the asphalt tank to asphalt distributor or other asphalt using system.

8.Alert  safety system, when any temperature is abnormal, it will automatically cut off the heating power and alert to protect the whole system.


Capacity:6.5-8 t/h
Asphalt tank volume:12 m³
Cylinder stroke:1400 mm
Hydraulic thruster:7500 kg
Output asphalt temperature:>=110 ℃
Equipment weight:12 t
Quantity of barrels:28
External dimension of main engine:11.8×2.25×2.6 m
Heating oil furnace:700, 000 kilocalorie heating
Shipping packing:1*40’ high cabinet container
Heat transfer oil:3.5 ton




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