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  • Asphalt road sealant
  • Concrete crack sealant
  • Bridge crack sealant
  • Roof, wall, toilet water proof sealant
  • Product description: Asphalt road crack sealant Suitable for all weather; In cold winter, it will not fragile; In hot summer, it will not flow away; Bond the materials strongly, high stick strength;

DP-I is a high quality hot applied crack sealant, composition of asphalt cement, virgin synthetic polymer, premium rubber, and other modifiers. It has been tested to be fully suitable for road surface repair. The performance is superior to ASTM D5329, AASHTO M173 standards. It’s solid under normal temperature, and will change into gel of super stretch and adhesion after melted by heating, which can effectively seal the cracks and joints in the pavement and remain sealed effects in long-term. Traffic can be restored right after construction completion.

DP-I is a pavement preservation sealant intended for highway, street and aviation applications for sealing transverse joints and random transverse cracks in Asphalt or Concrete pavements where low resilience sidewall force is desired. It apply to the temperate zone (-22 ℃ ~ 40 ℃).




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