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  • LPG Tanker Truck
LPG Tanker Truck

LPG Tanker Truck

  • LPG tanker truck
  • LPG transportation truck
  • LPG distribution station
  • LPG storage tank
  • Product description: ISUZU truck chassis; Special pressure vessel for LPG, tank volume from 6-12 CBM. Pressure vessel with safety marks;

ISUZU FVR QL1160WAFRYdurable and reliable truck, 16Ton G.V.W.

Item 12000 LPG tanker Truck

is used to transport liquefied petroleum gas, such as propane, liquid ammonia, dimethyl ether (DME),etc.
LPG transport tank truck also can be used as a mobile gas station after equipped with gas dispenser, LPG gas pump.
The LPG tanker material uses a specialized steel for high pressure tanker, which is anti-corrosive and keeps a good stability at low or high temperature.
LPG tanker trucks are basically equipped with safety valve, emergency shut-off valve, thermometer, pressure gauge for the safety use.
Overall Dimension
8300x2465x3600 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight: 16000 kg
Curb Weight: 8000 kg
Loading Weight:8000 Kg
Wheel Base: 4600 mm
Engine: 6HK1-TCNdiesel engine
Engine Kilo Watts:178/2400round
Displacement: 7800 cc
Max Driving Speed: 100 km/h
Gear Box: Manual Transmission, 6 gear position
Tire: 10.00-20-16PR
LPG gas tank volume: 12000 Liters
Filling Content: Propane (LPG)
Tank Material: Q345R high tension steel
Safety accessories
1. Magnetic float level gauge
2. Pressure gauge
3. Thermometer
4. Safety valve
5. Emergency shut - off valve
6. Shut-off valve
7. Ball valves
LPG gas filling machine
1 set Filling Machine, 1 set Filling Gun with Black Rubber Tube.
Service life10 years
(1). Anti-corrosion coating surface treatment are used sand-blasting, spraying, blowing, and other advancedtechnology.
(2). Safety of high-quality domestic and imported accessories
(3). Rigorous science of advanced construction technology to ensure the lowest in the low temperaturecontraction rate, the highest dimensional stability.
(4)ASME( American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standard and marks LPG pressure Vessel.
(5)All the pipe line, valve, french welding trails 100% detected and inspection.
Lead time: 45 days after payment.
Quality warranty: Pressure vessel 3 years quality warranty, other parts 1 years quality warranty.
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