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  • Chip spreader
  • Chip spreader
Chip spreaderChip spreader

Chip spreader

  • chip distributor
  • Chip paving machine
  • chip layer machine
  • aggregate spreader
  • Product description: chip width 3100mm chip laying from 3-10 mm thickness! hydraulic motor to make the laying even! hydraulic shuttle door and pneumatic door!

Chippings maximum spraying width of 3100mm, minimum 200mm, a plurality of electrically controlled air cylinder closing the gate, the gate can be opened in accordance with the appropriate requirements of any construction, in order to adjust the width and position of the gravel-strewn; use a cylinder control positioning rod height limit maximum opening of each radial gate to regulate the thickness of stone chips spraying.

The powerful advantages of our products:
Global sales of the first
1. Overall stamping, traditional direct cutting, hand formed
2.drum thermal expansion molding, rotation smoother, more uniform discharge
3. Patented wireless remote control option
4. Install bolt connection, easier installation and removal.
5. The work platform is a porous plate




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